This magazine is the main source of information and the main means of communication between keepers and breeders of pet and aviary birds in South Africa and Namibia. Avizandum is published monthly for the private consideration of anyone who is interested in the care and breeding of birds. Avizandum is now a registered trade mark. Visit Site

The Fishkeepers goal is to produce a bi-monthly magazine of international quality. The articles contained in the magazine are up to the minute with regards to current information and are useful to beginners and experienced fish keepers alike. The Fishkeeper covers topics relating to freshwater fish, marine fish, and pond fish and we feel that this magazine is essential to the South African aquarist. Visit Site

Since 2007 Dennison Publishing has published Ultimate Exotics; South Africa’s only reptile and exotic pet magazine. It has up-to-date articles on the keeping and breeding of reptiles, amphibians, arachnids, insects and small mammals in captivity! Articles in Ultimate Exotics are written by experienced keepers and breeders who share their valuable experience, allowing readers the opportunity to have the same successful result with their animals. Visit Site